Afraid of going beyond desktop client

Hello guys,

Long time user here, I’ve been away the forum for some time, but in practice I was noticing some issues on with newer versions of the client.

I did tried upgrade to the next newer version, but I always returned to the old faithful

So I have being choosing the desktop client for long now, even this 2020 if I need to install anything it is

A couple of months ago I saw a thread about a new way to sync, cloud drive, digital drive something a long those lines, sorry I’m awful with names.

I know that topic has being a little controversial, so I wonder.

Does new desktop client versions force the new sync model?
Should I stick to 2.3.31 if my main concern is stability?

If I want to use the old way of syncing, is it possible to do with the right client? For how long?

I’ll do my own diligence once I can get into the matter, but any pointers are appreciated.

Best regards.

not that i know of. at least not yet.

i have upgarded myself ever since, as well… and am ok with the new version. it runs flawlessly so far.

I did that too, but I started to have syncing issues, and mostly I’m syncing 20GB, 30GB, even 50 GB.

So when the issues started appearing, I fallback to

I’ll give 2.6 a shot, hopefully the issue time is passed that.


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Hahaha, seems I spoke too soon.

I just meet with this known error.

Seems I’ll be keeping 2.3 around for now.


have you added your config details there as well? could be helpful.

It’s most likely to be the http/2 issue.

We’ll see.