Advices to build Nextcloud app and Mobile/Desktop client for it

Hello !

Let’s say I want to dev a Todo app for nextcloud (just an example).
It will be nice to dev an PWA with Vue.js and release client for :

  • Nextcloud app
  • Mobile
  • Desktop (Linux, Windows, Mac)

ElectronJs is used by Discord, and sounds great. But it doesn’t build Mobile app, and I read that it’s memory consuming (chromium). I don’t think 300 Mb in RAM just for a Todo app is good.

Cordova sounds great too, but can’t build Desktop app. Same problem with memory ?

I tried Qt… but I prefer PWA project, and I don’t think it’ll help me for Nextcloud app integration.

Before starting my project, I looking for advices about wich tools and frameworks recommanded to write one code, and release it on cross platform. (I know, I’m a sweet dreamer …)

Thank you :slight_smile: !