Advice sought: Moving to new Network Address - Multiple IP Changes required

I am running NC 17.0.2 on a Raspberry Pi, with the back end hosted in a second “DB Server” Raspberry Pi. That is hosting MariaDB v10.3.22… Everything is working perfectly and I have no operational issues with this setup.

However, I am about to move these machines - and a bunch of other kit - to a new network, which means I’ll be moving from a Class C (192.168.1.x) to a Class B (172.16.x.y) network.

All my Pi’s are running as servers [I have a small Pi farm] and so changing the static IP addresses won’t be difficult. I’m using PiHole DNS sink and using that to double as my local DNS, so re-mapping all my hosts to new IP addresses is trivial…

But I want to make sure that my hosted apps survive the move. I’ve looked in my ~/www/nextcloud/config/ folder and examined the config.php file for my NextCloud deployment.

Everything there looks pretty straightforward… From what I can make out, I am going to need to:-

  1. Change the ‘trusted_domains’ array 0 value from “” to “172.16.x.y” (new IP address of NC host)
  2. Change the ‘dbhost’ value from “” to “172.16.x.y:3306” (new address of DB host)
  3. Change the IP Address of both of these hosts, preferably with NextCloud shutdown and the changes performed in a logical sequence…

I’ve had a look through the rest of the NextCloud setup and configuration area. I don’t have much in the way of applications installed, but there doesn’t seem anything else I need to worry about.

However, having been burned before, I thought it would be a good idea to ask the community if I’ve missed anything. Just want to check and ensure that there are no hidden issues anywhere please?

Thanks in advance for any responses.

You technically don’t even need this entry if you’re using a FQDN, unless you have a reverse proxy accessing it by IP.

Other than that, it should be fine. The main points are that Nextcloud’s web server and database are properly configured, and that DNS is correct.

Thank you Karl…

Made all the changes today. I had a few teething problems [for example, I had my browser configured to ignore my proxy server for the “old” network address range, changing to the new range threw that out of whack. I also had an issue trying to authenticate to my NextCloud instance… It took me a while to realise that I was using insecure HTTP and not HTTPS to request the connection - and curiously I kept getting thrown out with a message about my ID or password being wrong. I knew it was correct… and when I switched to HTTPS, the problem went away…

I very much appreciate your response.