Advice Needed Hosting Nextcloud On My Local Spare Windows 10 Machine With Internet Access

Hello. Thanks for allowing me access.

I need advice please before I proceed.

Situation. I have a very large collection of Ebooks and Audio books. I am a member of a private audio book sharing group. Currently we use a number of methods to share our books. Google Cloud, Sendspace and other file sharing sites (mostly paid for).

I have a “spare” Windows 10 Pro machine on my network that I use loosely as a file server/storage system over my internal home network using mapped drives and normal network sharing settings. I have six other desktop computers connected to the network plus laptops and Kindles. These other machines have a number of USB large external hard drives attached containing Ebook and Audio book collections, they could migrate to the server.

I use “Storage Spaces” on the fileserver machine.

I read an article about setting up Nextcloud on a Windows machine which was very interesting. Is it possible therefore to install Nextcloud on my Fileserver on Windows and use it to allow group members to have access to selected files, folders or collections from the internet controlled with passwords etc. Can I collect statistics, such as how many downloads etc.

I am not really interested in members uploading files to my server, just allowing them to download selected files (probably using links provided in group emails as happens now).

My Questions.

Can this be done with Nextcloud and if so, how do I set it all up. What guides are available if any. I know a bit about computers but I am not an expert. I used do do this with Windows Home Server 2009 & 2011 until Microsoft stopped the support and updated.

Thanks in advance for any advice.