Advice for server migration strategie from apache nextcloud 20 to docker nextcloud 25


I have a nextcloud installation on an old debian server, currently stuck in version 20.0.11 (cannot upgrade because of outdated PHP version 7.2 as far as I remember) . I plan to move this installation to a new server using official latest docker image.

How should I proceeded at easiest to migrate my installation and convert my data to 25, given that direct migration from 20 to 25 shouldn’t be possible (I read somewhere I should migrate to every major version step by step, right?) ?

Keeping the file history would be nice to have but not mandatory.

Thank you for any advice.

upgrade strategy is always the same - one major version each time.
Going to another system is an extra step:

In general you can perform as you like first upgrade to latest version and then move or first move the upgrade. Due to PHP limitation first option doesn’t work for you so choose the second - migrate you existing installation to new system running NC20 in docker and then update the docker installation one version per step…

Thank you for your response. I will try this.