Advice and installation best practices for installing Nextcloud and Truenas

Hey all, I’m looking for advice for my storage configuration for an instance of nextcloud on a VM. The plan is to pass through a 3TB iscsi zvol from truenas to my hypervisor, and install debian/NC directly. Are there any caveats or risks that I might not be aware of, or any better configurations to consider? I am very open to suggestions from people with much more experience than myself.



What you plan make sense, and i don’t see any blocking point.

Depending of the VM setup, you may jail data’s sharing, or not…

I just finish something similar using unraid (non free distribution) to be the hypervisor and having a debian/nextcloud VM ( using a share for OS and another for data’s ) for a friend company.

If you consider truenas and/or proxmod to be some hypervisor, they could be some free alternates.

No caveats. Just go for it and let us volunteers know if you run into a problem. This reads as you are very competent. If you can set up Truenas I’m sure you can tackle Nextcloud.