Advantages of Nextcloud over OneDrive for Business


I’m interested in understanding more about the advantages that Nextcloud offers over OneDrive for Business in terms of : features, speed, security, GDPR/privacy, limits etc. (costs is out of scope of my study).

Verifiable facts and data would be great.

Thank you for your help :wink:

The main difference and main advantage of Nextcloud is that you manage all your data yourself. You don’t have to trust any company with your data, you can run Nextcloud in a datacenter of your choice, even in your company, so the privacy issue is completely up to you.

Regarding features and speed, I can give you numbers and comparisons to OneDrive. There is the file sync as a basic feature ( but you can extend it to many more features that are handled in apps ( Speed and such things depend on your setup, if you have a local setup in your company, you could benefit from the higher speed inside your LAN. Nextcloud has business customers with several thousand users, so it does work for them.

One drawback I have seen during some testing is if you have a lot of very small files (thousands of files with a couple of KB each). That doesn’t perform very well. If you only want to sync code archives with such properties, I wouldn’t use Nextcloud (or just as a sharing interface and do the main sharing via external storages based on git or other). I synced a few code projects, there is no problem with that.

The forum here is from the community, so there are rather small setups (with exceptions). If you have question about performance and scaling, don’t hesitate to ask the enterprise support.

Thank you - it helps.