Advanced Permission Rules (ACLs) for exclusive and shared folders

Hi all!

I am running Nextcloud version (eg, 20.0.5): 25.0.4. Enterprise

We have in our organisation 6 teams with each their group folder, in which no other teams have access. I have groups for each team and one group with everyone

I also have created a folder “Sharing” with subfolders for each team. Here, all teams should have read and share access and have write access in only their subfolder.

  1. team 1 (group “1”)
  2. team 2 (group “2”)
  3. sharing (group “all” only reading)
    1. team 1
    2. team 2

When I now want to add an advanced permission rule for 3.1 to allow group “1” to also write, then I cannot find the group offered in the selection box. I found out that if I add group “1” to the access configured in the parent group folder, that then I can find it in the selection box.

So what is the best way to limit write access of everyone in sharing/team 1 except group “1”?


Via Nextcloud support (:clap: ): group folders support subfolders.