Advanced folder creation

Good morning mates,
I am looking for an advanced folder creation.
I try to explain here…

I have users A, B, and C
User A generates via script? manually? a folder with a particular name, for example PA1234. It would be nice if on creation the script asks for this…
The script generates also the subfolders

User A needs to access to all folders
User B access only dept2 folder
User C access only dept3 folder

Once every user have uploaded the needed files on their folder, user A “pack” the folder and generate a web link protected with password.

How may I do it?
Thanks a lot

Put simply:

  1. User A creates all the necessary folders in their account
  2. User A shares the appropriate folders with users B and C
  3. User A shares the parent folder as a password-protected web link

This should be pretty straightforward. If you need specific steps for the shares, that’s all covered in the documentation.