Admins to manage shares created by others? Nextcloud 24

Nextcloud 24.0.7

I have a small team that do the work; they create files, folders, documents etc.

There are two users who are to manage that team outputs so they share new tasks and delegate work, relocate folders once complete.

For simplicity the let say we have two user groups, team and admin.

Is it possible for the admin users to be able to see what the other shared (and with whom) take ownership of this share or unshare it from the worker?

Best to describe this would be like share created by user group rather than an individual.


Maybe first you can look the app Group folders. You can watch this video. Maybe it solves some of your problems.


I failed to explain that we are using Group Folders already with fine grained access control.
All is working great appart this one thing…

Lets say, in side of “WORK Folder” there’s TASK1.
Admin A1 shares this TASK1 with T1 (hard working user)

When the work is done T1 can unshare or th A1 can remove share whenever there’s such need.
Is there a way to allow A2 to have same permissons on files shared by A1?

Sorry but I can’t explain it any simplier.