Admins: access to circles

Is it possible, that a nextcloud admin has access to all circles, so that he/she can enforce, that only valid files are shared in your nextcloud environment (no porn, warez, …)

I think not. But i think if someone wants to share porn or warez he/she uses just another sharing platform. If you want to prevent this from happening in your cloud, you probably don’t need to run your cloud or deny sharing (normal and circles).

Well, in group folders its possible that a admin is part of the group folder. Additionally, there are (normally) members, which would warn if someone is sharing such files.

In a circle, which is completely private and managed by some users of a cloud platform, nobody would actually recognize it. Just think about a circle sharing porn in a university nextcloud instance.

The university is responsible.

Yes. But if a single person uses instead of a circle a public share e.g. with password? I think an university can also not prevent sharing. Then you must deactivate sharing completly. Can the univerity use Microsoft365? Than it is perhaps Bill Gates fault. :wink: Can Microsoft prevent porn sharing? I think not. But you may be able to pass the responsibility to a third party.

Sharing is disabled. Only group folders.

Ok. In this case i think i would also disable Circles.