Admin Settings on APp

I’m building an Nextcloud app, and i’m stuck on getting settings from the admin. I’ve read the documentation and tried to get information from a few other apps settings code. But i can’t get it to work. I have Settings.php that implements ISettings and Section.php that implements ISection. Both files have correct namespaces and use the correct OCP\Settings\ISettings and OCP\Settings\ISection. Both methods are referred on the info.xml tab, as the tutorial says so. I also have an corresponding template. Everything is as the tutorial says. Whenever i change something i alter the version on info.xml so Nextcloud will update it. And the logs don’t show anything unusal.
Any idea why it doesn’t work?

Did you increase your app´s version in info.xml?
That is required, so the changes are written to the database.

yes, i did

Is your code available on github?
I assume you have a typo in your info xml or the class path/namespace of your settings module.

The app itself isn’t even written yet, i’m just working on the settings part for now