Admin sets new password manually, user cant log in


My nextcloud uses the encryption module.

a user of my nextcloud forgot his password and clicked the reset it Message. Since he didn’t provide an Email, the Email reset doesn’t work. So i set a new password for him, but he cant log in with this password. What am i missing?

I just created a test user with an email address, logged him in once, logged out and tried to log in with a wrong pw. the Email is sent and after i clicked on the link and provided a new password an error message was displayed saying something about “missing private Keys”.

Maybe i configured something wrong? Or do i need to provide the Recovery password if i reset a users pw manually?
Can someone clearify the workflow of resetting user passwords with the encryption module enabled?

You need the recovery key that a user’s password can be reset (user must enable this option in his account). Without that, you should be able to change the password but you still need the old passwords to decrypt the files.

Do you use external storage? If not there is very limited benefit from the encryption app on local systems and you get a ton of problems.

Hi, tflidd

i changed the password (without the recovery key) but the user can’t log in with this new password.

So do i need tp provide the recovery key so that the user can log in?

I had to provide the Admin recovery password. Now it works like a charm.