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thank you very much eric !!

Not something I would want to take on, but this is where one would start:

I would opt to run something like that on its own, because it certainly won’t help anyone monitor their Nextcloud instance as an app!

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sorry, i post here a idea and you say me, i should start with it,
if i know i can’t do it because a lack of time and knowing enough to build something…
suuper, why do you not start to do it and stop to say anyone what i have to do…

and the 2nd is, it is to have a overwatch possibility for other servers and not for the own Nextcloud Instance, because if you cant login in your own server, can you check it via ssh or other possibilitys…

I wasn’t telling you what to do or that you had to do it yourself, just putting the information out there where someone could start if the wanted to build it. Maybe someone here likes the idea and wants to build it, I don’t know. I’m not personally interested in the project so it’s not something I would invest in.

I think it could be useful like you described for other services, but my opinion is that it’s usefulness would be limited and probably mislead less experienced users into thinking they could use it for nextcloud itself which really wouldn’t work.

I currently use uptime robot which is a free monitoring service that you don’t even have to host.

Another easy way to use PHPservermon without writing code would be to run it in a docker container.

I hope that clears things up.

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phew i think you need to calm down a bit at first. since there’s no reason for you to freak out about @linucksrox’s comments. he was trying to tell you what he thinks about your idea.

that’s what i would call a nice discussion on a forum. someone having an idea and someone else, maybemore experienced, telling what he thinks about it.
it doesn’t mean that your idea was bad and that it should be taken away from you. in the contrary: it would help to decide on how much effort (and time) it would be worth to put in.
not only for you but for everyone else reading your public thread here.

so if i see someone misbehaving and freaking here it’s not linuxrox.

thanks for your interest and time. and understanding.

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Honestly, it was not a very good idea.
I can’t believe you have such a bad attitude toward me, swearing at me (now deleted) because I mentioned to the community where someone could start (not addressed directly toward you).

I missed the shit show. :cry:

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