Admin panel - Small criticism and job offer

Yes that is most of the use cases here. And for hosting, you prefer to have different separate instances rather than one shared. People don’t see each other and you can more specifically allow the use of apps.

This is different for large organisations but they often use existing authentication backends.

Back to the topic, yes the user interface could be better, even with private home users in focus. Show the last login of users, reset 2FA, …
Consider that Nextcloud company aren’t probably the cheapest developers, however, you are sure they really know the system. So we have this section here, to put your requirements and then people can send their offers. If they do it for 300 €, you don’t have to care if it takes them 1h to do, or 5h.


@rakekniven if you have a company with 10 employees, for example, you can’t make your employees use occ command. Not everyone has the skills to use occ command. So the web gui version is very useful for several factors. This is a fact!

Another ridiculous thing:
“You must wait 2 days between each post entered in this topic”

If you limit this type of conversation too, it means that what I am saying is pure truth. And you don’t like criticism.

How sad!

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Managing 10 employees is possible with the current implementation without any trouble. This is a fact, too!

But I got your idea/critic and will stop here.

I do not know who added the throttle but it means that some moderator thought it will help this conversation to stay focused.

Why can’t you make them use the OCC command? If you want to use it in a business setting and do business things with it would you not have to train them to the more advanced things any way?

Honestly to me it just seems like you want “something” better, but can’t quite explain to us what makes the current admin panel bad and useless and ‘not valid’ for any one but yourself. Trying to make NextCloud into something it is arguably not even meant to be (A pay-to-use service)

“it means that what i am saying is pure truth”
This whole discussion has been around you shouting “Admin panel bad” and then providing nearly nothing worth of feedback or useful suggestions, as if going to a car garage and saying “car broke its not valid” and expecting him to know exactly what is wrong with the car because you said it was broken.

If you want to "automate and develop’ things, do it like next to every actual developer and programmer and use code/OCC. A web GUI is for the ‘stupid users’ that only know how to click buttons, and should be far from what any professional would even begin to use to ‘automate and develop’.


  1. GUI is used for ‘noobs’, not for automation and development.
  2. Programming/APIs/OCC commands are best used for ANY type of automation or development.
  3. You haven’t actually properly explained what is so terrible about the admin UI and how it could be improved, apart from “not my use case” and “not valid”
  4. You said it yourself, if you can’t do this… Then “NC is not the software for you”
  5. Above all, you’re trying to make NC into something it wasn’t quite meant to be (a paid service), meaning whatever grand ideas you have outside of the developers scope is mostly… Your own problem to figure out.
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