Admin overview of all connected Android Devices


we are using Nextcloud (15.0.5) in a small environment (<10 Users), with LDAP Sync.

In my own User-account i can see all my connected Devices (Browsers, Android etc.) in the Security Tab.
But how can I check the connected Devices of all other Users? I would like to check and (if possible) to limit this access only to a few devices. So that users are only using there business mobile devices and not their private phones to access the data.

If there is no possibility to show the devices via Web-Interface, a SQL-query or something like this would also be ok.

Thank you in advance.


Requests to Nextcloud go all trought your web server, so you can enable logging these requests and if you see unnecessary devices there you can block their ip addresses manually using for example lists in iptables.

This method requires quite a lot of work so I think it is not worth it, but I do not know any other method.

Hope this helps