Admin has no admin-menu (on right side)


I can add new users over occ, that is fine. But if I use the web gui and login as admin, I’ve no (more) admin-menue on the right hand side! /o\

My users can use nextcoud without any problems every thing works best.

I can’t say waht happens, but it is very very starnge. :


O.K., I tried to change the stprage directory, I chnaged the desired setting in config.php
After correcting my database:
UPDATE nextcloud_db.oc_storages SET id = ‘local::/srv/storage/nextcloud’ WHERE oc_storages.numeric_id = 2;
the admin menu is back!



I’m suffering from the same problem: no more admin functions available while loging as admin works fine. I even lost some users in the Users list (only 4 out of 10 are displayed), alhtough “missing” users can also log w/o error.

I’m not that versed into command line tweaks, so can you please describe your solution a bit further? What do you mean by “I changed the desired setting in config.php”: which setting do you talk about? which new value did you set it up?

Correcting your database: did you use such a tool as phpmyadmin and did you throw some command line to perform the update?

Thanks in advance for any help!

URGENT: admin functions have disappeared!

Not sure if these issues are related, since these are different versions and even the symptoms are a bit different.


Got the point, but this is the post you headed me to… :wink: What could I try to fix this issue? Where to begin?


no. it was me. and maybe i was acting a bit too overhasty on that… :man_shrugging:


No worry… :slight_smile:

By the way, what about trying to perform a manual update? I cannot use the built-in updater, but maybe the command line based updater would go through…


don’t forget to backup before updating/upgrading :wink:


Yes, good point! Source files + data?

Anyway, before proceeding to the upgrade, it seems that my “admin” user has no long the admin privileges, as the settings menu merely looks like the common one… Is there way to check this into the database? I mean: maybe changing some field in the “admin” profile could restore the appropriate behavior…

Thanks in advance for your advices.


You can always just check the database if you have similar entries. After that changing stuff should not be required especially on newer setups. It can happen especially when migrated from ownCloud.
With the menus, it’s always worth checking the apps, some might be causing issues (disable some of them, after NC 14 have been released for some time, it’s more likely the less used ones).


Hi tflidd,

The problem here is that I’m unable to perform any configuration action upon the tool, as my admin is no more “admin”… So, disabling apps is not possible, unless there a manual way to do it through SSH or FTP.

Same for the database probably, unless I can access it with phpmyadmin and the likes…


Some ideas I’d like you to comment:

  • performing an occ maintenance:repair? It is said to “clean up the database”, so is there any chance it detects the admin issue?
  • creating an occ user:add to create a new admin? In this case, what is the group name for admins?

Thanks in advance for your advices!