Admin account deleted - now content dissapeared

i’m using nextcloud 11.0.1 on a hosted platform. I created a new account who is a member of the admin group, afterwards deleted the old admin account. Now it seems that my content i’m sharing with others has dissapeared. How can that happen ? I created the content with the old admin account, but some users added already new one. Is the content automatically deleted when the user who created the folders initially is deleted ? I can’t imagine that.

Any ideas ?



If you share a folder, this folder still belongs to the original user (and is stored in his account, it is not duplicated). If you delete this user with all his content, the shared folder will disappear as well. It’s like the user unshares his folder, even if others contributed and put files there, they cannot longer access it.

In such a situation, you can use the occ command to migrate folders of a user to a different user before you finally delete the account (e.g. someone leaving the company).

there is already a newer version in the NC 11 branch:

Uuh. I didn’t expect this behaviour, and in my eyes it’s wrong to delete associated data if i delete an account. If you e.g. delete an account in a linux system with userdel, you have to explicitely specify the -r swtitch to delete the associated home directory. Otherwise the home directory is untouched. And if someone uploads files to a cloud to share them to others, in my eyes this data looses the tight relationship to his owner, because he commits it to a community. Isn’t it worth to think about changing this behyiour ? At least i would expect a warning informing me about this if i delete an account.

Just my thoughts.


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if you ask a provider to delete your Nextcloud account, you would expect that they also delete your data and don’t keep a copy of it. We could discuss this without end and there are different use cases for Nextcloud which favor one or the other behavior.

I think this is a very good idea, the user interface should be very clear about this action. I ask you to bring this idea to the bugtracker:
(or show a warning that the user is being deleted and you have to check a box to delete his/her data as well).

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