Admin account after UCS deployment

Complete newbie here with next NextCloud - I ask for your forgiveness…

I want to deploy a new in house ESX-based Nextcloud instance and as suggested by your site went for the UCS pre-packaged VM appliance.

Deployed the OVA - connected to our Windows AD - everything went smoothly. I can login to the univention portal as well as SSH to the appliance using the domain admin credentials. BUT… I can not use those credentials to log into NextCloud - normal user credentials are recognised but not the user “Administrator” + domain password.

What (probably basic) step did I miss ?

this seems to be more an UCS-related problem… so maybe it would be a good idea to ask for hints in their forum…

and if someone would come up with a solution it would be nice if you could post a link to it here so that future users wouldn’t need to search here and there :wink:



are not neccessarily the same… try logging in to NC with domain admin-credentials

Thanks - Yes I agree that this probably more an UCS issue but having posted there I have not received any response for the past 24h.
You made a good point about the administrator username (which happens to be the domain admin in our case). I have tried to create a new domain admin “nextcloudadmin” and I can authenticate with it - but is is seen as a standard user by nextcloud.
Bit stuck here… hopefully someone will chime in

so what’s up?