Admin ability to see all user activity from within the GUI

It appears there is no way to see user activity (sharing, uploads, downloads, etc.) when logged in as an Admin group user. I want to be able to monitor what my users are sharing/uploading. How can this not be a current feature? We are using Nextcloud as a private sharing server between our employees and our clients. I want to be sure no one is misusing or abusing our share site. Thank you.

The impersonate app should allow this.

But inform your users, that you gonna use it in case :slight_smile:: User tracking (ethics, etc)

Thank you for the reply. I found the app in the apps - tools area. It definitely looks helpful. I will give this some thought and discuss with management regarding user notification. Thanks again!

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Excuse me, that function still available, isn’t it? I couldn’t found kind of the that function in the App menu.