Admin (4443) and SSL

NextcloudPi (ver 1.50.3)
Nextcloud (ver
Operating system and version _(MACOS 11.7)
Brave Browser

Intro: I’m new to NextCloud though I’ve managed to find most of my answers by searching. This one has me stumped though.

The issue: Configured port forwarding, DDNS, letsencrypt on Pi3. I can reach the the Dashboard nicely via ( [url representive of the actual] but I’m unable to get to the NextCloudPi web interface ( due to “ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED” on Brave. However Safari is not so picky and will connect via I’m thinking it has to do with ‘letsencrypt’ on port 4443 but I’ve no idea how to manage it. Ideas plz?

I tried adding ‘’ to letsencrypt but it didn’t like “.org:4443”: Domain name contains an invalid character".

The output of your config.php…

I don't know how to browse the file system on the Pi so can't get to the config.php as of yet.  *Note to self- figure out how to browse the file system.*