Addressbook syncronization with KDE KAddressbook

Hi ,

i am currently not able to successfully synchronize the my contacts to the KDE address book. Only a few contacts are synchronized and in the nextcloud i do get the following error message:

Undefined index: name at /var/www/cloud/3rdparty/sabre/dav/lib/CardDAV/Xml/Filter/AddressData.php#56

i am using 12.0.4 stable.

How can i trace a bit more what data are creating the issue?
Anybody else having this issue?


There is a related report upstream:

Do you know how to reproduce this error? If yes, this could be interesting for the developers to know a few more details. If you imported contact from other sources, it could be that just one contact creates this error.

And you can create a bug report on as well that the developers are up to date, don’t forget to link the upstream issue, then they can backport possible fixes.

i uncomment the lines in the file and error is not listed in the log anymore.
Problem still exists as i do not get the complete contact synchronized.

on my iphone the synchronization is working and not logging any error.
same for the android phones we have in the family.

will post a bug in the github.


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