Address book location

I have v28 of NC.

I need to migrate my address books from NC on an old server, to a new one.

The >GUI is unaccessible on tje old one.

Where are the address books located on the NC server? Whcih folder?

I understand maybe th euser folder, but which directory is it located?

/usr/var/ etc, etc…

Thanks for any clues.


It is in the database, not in a directory.

You can (should) use the calcardbackup script from our forum user @Bernie_O for that:

Much and good luck,

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My technical colleague mentioned that after looking at the script, that the webserver needs to be running. That is what he understands.

Is this true?

I ask because the reason that I need to export the address book is that the web server is having difficulties staying running, and I cannot log in via the GUI.

Thanks for comments/ advice.



calcardbackup only needs the database-server to be running as it gets the data from the database.

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