Additional user backend

So I’ve got the the basic implementation working now w/o breaking anything.
But this still calls \OC_User::useBackend(…) in app.php and \OC_User being in lib/private/legacy I still wonder if this is the correct approach or if this is likely to vanish in the future?

Original question was:

I’m trying to add an additional user backend.
Now I wonder what’s the correct way to register it with the Nextcloud instance.
Calling \OC_User::useBackend doesn’t look like the correct approach.
(This seems to set the backend as primary and I can’t add users in the Database backend anymore).

So any help appreciated … what should be called? And what (interface/methods) should my user backend implement?

@LukasReschke @nickvergessen can you help here?

Since it is also used in the SAML app:

I’d say that is the way it should be done.
I’m also not aware of any other way to do it.

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