Adding user from active directory not working

I just wander - is the Circle actively develop as I haven’t seen any activity in past few months? It is great feature but I have few problems which should be resolved.

  1. When I add user from Active Directory to the circle, usually there is no issue. However from time to time, I just select user but it is not added. No error or any message, it just not show on the list, even after a few attempts. I have to log out and login again and then is is working fine, for some time. I’ve tried different browsers (Opera, Chrome, IE) but everywhere is the same.
  2. I can’t sort user’s in particular circle or circle itself - they show as they were created. It is fine if there are few circles and few users, but we have plenty of them so it is difficult to find.
  3. When I share folder using Circe I can change permission only on first one. Second one don’t allow me to remove edit tick. The idea behind it is to create two different groups of users, one will have edit rights only and second full.
    Just wander if it is possible to fix above issues?

Circles will receive some love soon™; I am just busy on some other projects.

  1. If you don’t do anything for a while on the page, yes you might need to refresh the page.
  2. you should create a feature request on the github page.
  3. This is an known issue with similar name circles, should be fixed in NC14

Cult, thank you fro your reply.

I’ve just only noticed this today as in some reason don’t get notifications.
About the first issue it is not related to idle time. I’m adding users one by one and suddenly it stops, I can’t add any more. I’ve just got the message from other user who has the same issue:

“This is a bit of a strange issue. Basically have stated adding people to the circles. However, after maybe 5-10 additions it just stops adding them. I have to close the brower and reopen and then it works again for another 5 or so people , and repeats the same again. Just it’s a bit frustrating when adding 40 or 50 people to a circle.”

I’ve just recorded video but can’t attache it unfortunately. It is attached on the flowing git-hub link: