Adding multiple Foldersyncs breaks Sync

Hi everyone,

I have a strange problem with my Nextcloud:
If I have only one foldersync configured in my Nextcloud-client everything works fine,with a second sync and no subfolder in the second one it still works. The problem starts if I add a folder in these second syncfolder and put any kind of file in these subfolder, in this case sync betwenn client and server breaks, it tells me e.g. 7MB left, 0s remaining and nothing happens. I already deletet my account on the server and recreated it. Windows was freshly installed yesterday.

Client: Nextcloud 2.5.1 on Windows 10 Pro 64Bit 1809
Server: Nextcloud 15.0 on Debian 9 with Apache 2.4.25 and PHP 7.0.33-0+deb9u1

Any ideas?


EDIT: In my Laptop with Owncloud 2.2.3 it seems to work.