Adding files to Nextcloud without uploading


Is there a command line the can be used to add files directly to a user’s file repository?

On my server there’s a script that runs daily. The output of this script is to be made available to one of the NC users. Is it possible that this script writes its results directly into the directory nextcloud/data/username/files/ or will this mess the hole cloud? If so: which alternative way could I use to make this work? Any solution should not involve the use for the user’s password!

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This would be a nice feature!

The easiest workaround:
Make the script put their output into a subdirectory of that user and let nextcloud scan this directory with the occ-command as detailed here with the files:scan option and do not forget to add the path variable and let the www-user execute this command. It is needed for this.


Thank you very much! That’s exactly the kind of solution I was looking for. :slight_smile:

Short explanation: I could easily e-mail the output of the script to the user, but that way the information would leave the internal network, thus I would need to use some way of encrypting it in order not to make it public information, which it is not. By writing it directly into the user’s cloud directory, it will never leave the internal network unencrypted, because synchronizing is using SSL.

Once again: thanks for the hint!