Adding description to shared files

hello everybody,

do you know if there is a way to add description to files, especially when you share them, and especially for photos ?

the idea is to share a public link to a folder containing photos for example, and each photos would have a description, so that people can view it on public link

I looked at the photo app, and the memories app, to see if that would be feasible with images at least, but they don’t offer this option, I think

If anyone has a suggestion, that would be great !

thank you, and have a nice day :slight_smile:

I think it is not possible. You can share the pictures with a folder and insert a file “README.txt” to show a text on the top. Also you can share pictures with the photo app and also set a text on the top.

Currently I only see the possibility to adjust the file names of the images accordingly.

ok, that’s too bad :frowning: but thank you for the readme tips, that’s a good idea !

For the Nextcloud user (not public share) you can add the app Metadata to show EXIF information in details. Actual no support for Nextcloud 28.