Adding/changing columns and sorting

So, I have a large digital library of books stored on Freenas. It looks like Nextcloud is about the only thing that even comes close to a web interface I’m looking for. It does just about everything I’m looking for, EXCEPT I don’t see any option for adding / changing columns like adding a name/author column?? Is there any way to do this either through the web interface, on the filesystem on config files, or by coding it?

I also want to be able to browse/sort by alphabetical order by filename or by author. Filename it looks like I can do, but again I don’t see any way to add another column.

It seems really lacking to not have another column for names? Or maybe I just am not seeing the documentation for this?

Thank you!

Does anyone know?

There are e-book readers on the app store, perhaps they have some functionality or an app that lets you edit meta tags (there is something like that in the audio player for audio files)… perhaps one of these apps can this, or it could become part of it (check the repositories linked on the app page if someone requested such features).

Sorry, can you explain a little more about meta tags? Is it just like normal tags where you can label a file with different tags (ex. tag:action, tag:drama, tag:fiction, tag:nonfiction, etc…)?

If it is, I don’t think this will help me.

Maybe the better question I should ask is… Is Nextcloud meant for large file storage? Because it seems like no matter what file type is stored (books, movies, documents, etc) is not going to be easy to find specific files if there’s a large data store of files?

I mean how do you drill down into specifics on a category you’re looking for (no matter the file types)? Only option is to sort based on filename or sort by date or person who uploaded the file?

So , basically this doesn’t seem like a viable good product for media like books/videos/documents? Is this being looked at for the future? I liked Nextcloud because it does everything I want, EXCEPT the granularity for searches, browsing down, and column sorting. I guess I’ll keep looking for other products

Does anyone know if theres a way to modify the code to add an extra column?

Thanks again!

there are id3-tags in mp3 files, there can be tags in pictures, … just some additional meta information in the file itself:

Someone would need to add something similar for ebooks.