Adding a Windows Share to NextCloud

Hello there,

I just installed my first NextCloud server on a VM in an ESXi server. I used the UCS image and its working great.

I’ve seen the instructions of how to mount a windows shared drive using the “External Storages” app, however, I can’t seem to figure out what goes into each one of the boxes.

I don’t have Active Directory, and I’m using a username/password to access the shared windows drive (I know its a bad idea, but I’m the only user)

The network path to the shared drive is \WinSvr\Shared

I’ve tried every combination of the Host, Drive, Share, etc in the External Storages GUI but I don’t see the errors, except for an “i” with either a red or an orange circle.

I’m sure this topic must have been asked several times, but I couldn’t find it. All my googling seemed to point me the NextCloud docs that I’ve read but don’t explain this in more detail.

Thanks in advance.