Added SSL, now only get Apache screen when trying access NC

I have a new install on a Raspbian Pi 3 and tried to add the self cert SSL keys to Apache following these instructions: [](http://Setting up SSL for NextCloud). Afterwards, the browser kept trying to route me to the my freeDNS address although I had not referred to in the key creation. (I can’t access the Pi from that domain either, but that’s a different problem). When that did not work, I removed my changes to the Apache default-ssl.conf file, edited nextcloud/config.php to not reference https, and tried rebooting, but I still see the invalid cert showing as the domain name.

I can access the NC system panel through http://IP:4443 but when I access http://IP, I just get the Apache default page. When I try http://IP/nextcloud, I get page not found.

Can someone please help me un-foobar this install?!!


UPDATE: Looks like I got it back! just needed to a2dissite default-ssl.conf