Add watermark to uploaded PDFs

My comptroller has asked me to find out if I can have Nextcloud add a time stamp watermark to any PDF uploaded to a specific folder.

Is there a way to do this?

I recommend to install and use the workflow_script-App to do the job for you. You can e.g. create a batch script to automatically execute the required commands on a newly uploaded file. This article should give you a hint how this can be done on a Linux system:

If you need more information on the usage of the named app, the search function of this forum should provide some more insight:

Thanks. We ended up not needing this capability - I suggested to the comptroller that he simply un-share the folders involved at the cutoff time instead of pursuing this.

I did figure out a way to ‘stamp’ a filename and time/date onto a PDF (but I still haven’t looked at how to have the stamping triggered by the upload of a new file):

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