Add to "favourites" for apps

Making it easier for planning/deploying/enhancing your Nextcloud: a way to mark apps for consideration “add to my list” etc.; would be ideal if the admin view of available apps also included options for seeing all of the apps in the app store.

@BernhardPosselt something for the app store?

Unsure. I think this goes into a similar direction like the Google Play store where you can sync your apps and preferences. That would require you to sign into the store via API.

In general the idea is too broad and the use case too short that I can really grasp the idea.

The easy way; you generate a string containing the list of installed module in the admin UI

Yes, maybe, although I’d be assuming that a site admin could see apps from the store when they went to “Apps” on their site. It’s a step before installation/activation, a “that looks interesting”, marking an that on first review looks worth reviewing in more detail, discussing with other users, coming back to later, as opposed to the “yes, activate that one” or the “no use to me” response.

So the general use case is keeping track of things that you found interesting, correct?

First thought that comes to my mind is browser bookmarks: Hit the star button and the will be available for later lookup. If the server interface had unique URLs for apps that would also work there.

Similarily you could also use things like notes or pocket.

The usecase that’s more interesting for me would be something like synced apps/preferences, e.g. you connect to the app store upon server setup and install all favorite or last installed apps.

Yeah that’d be useful too, when setting up new server