Add the new contacts popup to your app for Nextcloud 12

One of the new features in Nextcloud 12 is the contacts popup:

You can easily add it to your app with some little lines of javascript and maybe some CSS changes (make sure you have not overflow: hidden; on the parent element.

You can find some sample patches:

If you want to provide an action for the popup, you can have a look at:

Only integration into all the apps in both ways (providing features and displaying them) can make this feature as powerful as it can be.


Hello could you please help building JSSIP app into nextcloud ?
This app adds sip function so contacts can be called via sip, or even teleworkers can call landline or mobile line while they are remote or abroad.
the software is on github , and the link to the site is :
Unfortunately I am not a coder hence I am struggling without achieving my task.