Add tag first time ok but second 2., 4.... then i have not textbox or listbox with tag

hi all
there are problems in the new version of the day. Assigning tag (file or folder) only ever works once. If I want to assign a second time a day, I see no textbox to select tag or enter a new one. this is only possible when I return to the start page then select a file / folder again. or I activate the tick and deactivate against the tick next to file or folder then it works again.

my system:Linux 4.9.0-8-amd64 auf x86_64 8GB mem 4 CPU amd64 (hp dl585 g2) and php7.2 and debian linux 9 (hyper-v 2008 default host and hyper-v 2012 hosts / nextcloud debian9, ex-server, dc-server, ca-server, open fire server)

greetings from Switzerland

I have noticed this as well. I have to refresh the page to get the tag textbox to re-appear.