Add SSL to Nextcloud Docker Install

Is there a way to add a SSL certificate to a Nextcloud Docker Install, I have seen all those docker compose files but most of them I am confused on what directories to make and stuff. I just wanna do certbot certonly -d and then add a volume then be done. Thanks in advance

they all handle it differently. so it’s important to know which one you want to use. which one do you want to use?

and most people put container in front that will handle ssl automatically.

in this example they certs are stored in a volume certs (line60) which is also used by the web server/reverse porxy (line40).

Is there one with Apache or should I use FPM, also with that one you provided above what sections will I have to fill in or is it as simple as copy and paste in a docker-compose.yml and it’s ready. @Reiner_Nippes