Add SMB Folder to Freenas Moint Point

i just installed nextcloud on my Freenas.
I used this Script to get it running with https etc

Now i can acces it and its running fine. Now i wanna mount my SMB Dataset via Moint point to the Nextcloud.
Problem is, that i get erros when i try to do it.

i wanna add “SteffensDaten” to Nextcloud.
This folders are already there preinstalled. cant change them.

Do i have to add a new Folder in the Jail? How would i do that?

Hope someone can help me with a easy guide or so. Im a noob^^


added a point

but nextcloud has no smb client installed…
“smbclient” ist nicht installiert. Das Hinzufügen von “SMB / CIFS”, “SMB / CIFS mit OC-Anmeldung” ist nicht möglich. Bitte wende Dich zur Installation an den Administrator.

dont know why