Add small apps to the appstore?

I’m planing to develop a simple app for a small club in Germay so that they can manage there courses/trainer in there Nextcloud instance.
Do you want such small app’s, that may be not interessting for the majority of Nextcloud users, in your appstore?
Also if the app is published in the appstore there should be Internationalisation. Is there a favorite way to do this? I couldn’t found anything about that in your Dev-Documentation.


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Hello @Jospoortvliet
we need your input here. Are we interested in such apps?

Thank you.

You’ll find hints for internationalisation below


Of course this would be interesting. Nextcloud and open souce is all about working together and sharing code. So anything is interesting to be uploaded to I am sure there will be other users who will enjoy your app.


Agreed with Frank, would be awesome! You can also mail me (first name at if you want a blog about it to give a little attention :wink:

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Sounds interesting! So, yes of course! :grinning: