add Onlyoffice to Next Cloud :(

Hi everybody,

I have a problem connecting Onlyoffice to the Next Cloud.

Next Cloud runs on a server on the Internet. (Shared environment). I did not install Next Cloud myself, but my service provider. I just could not connect OnlyOffice App to Next Cloud because OnlyOffice service needs to run on a dedicated server. And that’s why OnlyOffice does not work in a shared environment. And I do not have root privileges on this server. That’s just web hosting. That’s why I’ve installed the OnlyOffice package at home on Windows Server 2012. My OnlyOffice can be reached at So, Next Cloud ( runs on the internet and OnyOffice at home. I’ve set up IP forwarding on my router so I can call my OnlyOffice from the Internet. The call from the internet also works very well. I even enabled Lets encrypt (https) for my OnlyOffice. So far so good. But I can not connect Next Cloud to my OnlyOffice. I constantly get the following error message:
Error onlyoffice HealthcheckRequest on check error: Bad request or timeout error message

Error PHP file_get_contents (https:// /healthcheck): failed to open stream: HTTP request failed! HTTP / 1.1 404 Not Found
at /www/htdocs// /apps/onlyoffice/lib/documentservice.php#381

I also changed the config file of Next Cloud:
‘onlyoffice’ =>
array (
‘verify_peer_off’ => ‘TRUE’,

And the file default.json under OnlyOffice also changed:

“rejectUnauthorized”: true
“rejectUnauthorized”: true

It did not work though. How can I tell if Connecting from NextCloud to OnlyOffice works?

Thanks in advance for the replies.

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