Add more curl examples to the API docs? or maybe just a "api for newbs" api page?

I am not a programmer, and I know nothing about apis or whatever. I do some simple scripting stuff, but its mostly just keybindings to do some simple productivy/workflow stuff.

I was able to make a simple bash script with the curl example listed: but all it does is list out ALL the info from all the cards… and I dont know what to do next. like, I can see where it says

POST /boards/{boardId}/stacks/{stackId}/cards - Create a new card

and can intuit that its talking about creating a new card but I dont know how to turn the info it gives me into a script that actually lets me create a new card with curl and a bash script. that page is way to technical for me, and I dont know what half the words mean.

I tried to start learning about apis more generally but I was unable to find any good short tutorials with applicable to my use case.

I just want to to take all the cards with a label and move them. or save them as md files, then delete them, then make a bunch of new cards based on those md all the same info in another place, idk.

I feel like I would be able to do this if in the documentation they gave a curl example in earch part like they do with the first one, and maybe showed how to turn those outputs into like md cards or variables or something.