Add files to iPhone files

I have a iPhone 7 and I have service with cloudamo and I have the files synced to it and I’m trying to get my songs off nextcloud To music library how do i do this

Was this already asked or something?? I’ll search it to make sure I’m not asking a question someone else has already asked

the iphone nextcloud app says i have to authenticate files for nextcloud

i need the songs to show up in cloudbeats

please someone help me

well… i suggest: just do that

i did but the songs wont show up in cloudbeats

So I’m gonna try and add more info on what’s going on. I have the Nextcloud app with all my music on there for some reason it says I have 27tb of space not sure why. But that’s not the problem. I authenticated the files not through the settings and I’m trying to use CloudBeats app (pro) to listen to my songs. When I scan the folders no folders show up to scan. So pretty much I click scan folders in CloudBeats and no folders show. So I’m not sure how to get my Nextcloud music folder to show in CloudBeats. Please please help me with this. If this isn’t enough info let me know. Thank you in advance

the problem is: i don’t usw any cloudbeats-service and thus I dunno how to connect to them at all.

But as I just read you should be able to connect cloudbeats to your local server using webdav. nextcloud supports webdav-protocol natively.

so what did you do so far?

i connnected to owncloud/nextcloud. i saw someone else use webdav but idk how to connect to it. like whats the url and stuff

i signed into webdav with my cloudamo url but the scan folders show the same as nextcloud

for me that sounds as if the problem was solved…
but apparently it isn’t.

so i’m afraid to tell you that i dunno what you’re speaking about.

it is the homepageaddress your nextcloudserver is reachable via the internet.

well… stuff is stuff.

yea i signed into my nextcloud through cloudbeats