Add a picture / icon to group

Can’t find how / where to add an icon/picture to a group.
We see question marks now and would be nice to change
(NC 12)

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Question marks? Can you expand? A screenshot would be great :slight_smile:

The question is: Is it possible to set a specific avatar picture for a group? If yes, how can this be done?
Usually there is a standard icon, showing the capital letter of the group name, e.g. in the drop-down selection menu for file sharing:

Indeed, setting a custom group picture would be a very nice feature!


Easier might be a set of generic font icons (font-awesome like) that you can select one from to differentiate the group from a regular user.

Two years later and no real answer / solution?

In case this is due to a lack of screenshot, here is one:

Also, similarly, there appears to be no way for an admin to add a profile picture to a user. Is that really the desired behavior? See also Issue #2867 which is idling since Dec 2016.


I was also looking for such feature and found an issue (it is actually more a feature request) that is currently closed because not on the roadmap.

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That is the feature request. Thanks for finding it!