Add a PHP file to NextCloud and load it via a hidden URL

I am trying to add a customized PHP file to NextCloud and then load it via the webserver. But whenever I try to do so, I just get redirected to the dashboard. Can anyone help with getting this PHP file to load in the webserver?

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@Maximilian_Doerr Welcome to the Nextcloud Community.
Could you please give us more info about your system? What OS are you using? Are you Using Apache2, nignx? What is your php Version? what Nextcloud version are you using?

Hi there. I am on a FreeBSD jail which is running 12.1, NextCloud 20, PHP 7.4, and Nginx, if I am not mistaken. I want to add one secret PHP file to the web service rather that go and setup a separate Webserver just to run this one web page. It would be ideal if I could just sneak this into NextCloud somewhere so it faces the internet on my primary domain.

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Nextcloud uses Rewrite with .htaccess. Modify the file or use php outside Nextcloud.