Add a custom option to right-click a file. dev help please

I’m trying to add a simple feature I am not a pro developer by any means. I want to be able to open a custom link/location containing the filename.

I understand that I need to add the option to the regular ‘file’ app which then be automatically accessed by the ‘rightclick’ app.

I probably need to add something in one of these files:

but adding default menu options seems to have no effect

Can someone help point me in the right direction? thank you

if I got you right you want to perform a download to specific location and open using specific app?

If this is true you can’t achieve this task by changing Nextcloud. all the file handling like downloads destination and (possible local application loading) happens in the browser on your client. there is no way web application can change it…

if I get you wrong please explain your goal more detailed, like a series of steps your are looking for.

Sorry, I meant open a custom link containing the filename that you just rightclicked.

still don’t get what you are looking for. do you want to open another website and pass a Nextcloud file name as parameter? sounds little weird for me… what do you try to achieve? if you describe the whole idea/process you want to establish the community might have some ideas…

How does one make a custom file option. Right now the options are “Add to favorites” “Details” “Rename” “Move or Copy” “Open With” “Delete”

what if i want to be able to click on ‘filename’ and have the option to go to

Study the code of the files app and the file list. There are plugin mechanisms.