AD Integration of the desktop client

Hi everyone,

I’m contacting you because I would like to know if someone as an idea how to permit to an user to access to his nextcloud desktop client directly after the session login.

I would say that, like onedrive using Microsoft 365, that the user have nothing to do to access to his files directly synchronise on the computer.

The nextcloud authentication use the Active Directory Server via LDAP.

Thank’s in advance for your help, and I already sorry if I just miss this information in the technical documentation.



Are you saying you don’t want them to have to log in?

hi @pauchetl welcome to the forum :handshake:

It is possible to use different protocols like LDAP, SAML, OpenID Connect for SSO with Nextcloud, including Active Directory and Azure Active Directory - AAD.

I have no idea if you can trick the client to adopt Windows login credentials silently. IMHO not even Onedrive does so - it requires the user to be logged into Azure Active Directory, personally I never saw login happens automatically (depending to the config e.g. ADFS this might happen easy but not completely automated in my eyes).

You could go another route and use the webauthn device logon app instead? That will do SSO for configured devices using webauthn instead.