Actualize NC directory view after having changed a file on the server


the scenario is:
My NC directory view is active.
I called an plugin function via a file’s context menu.
The file was changed and is already replaced via server side code.
If I reload the page I would see the actualized time stamp.
How can I get NC to actualize the file’s view automatically as soon as the file is actualized on the server?

Thanks for your support,

Hi Jörg,

you could try the reload method of the file list: server/filelist.js at 0e951eb9dca2f4fb5e0fc875d0daf92ae208c467 · nextcloud/server · GitHub

If I’m not mistaken you should be able to access the main file list instance via the global OCA.Files.FileList


Hi Christoph,

thanks a lot for your quick answer.

I.e. the reload must be called from the browser let’s say every second.
Would this be ok? Or is the reload too expensive for this?

Only to be sure: There is no mechanism, which already observes the server status of the file list and reloads if a trigger was set? In this case I would have to set the trigger on the server correctly .

At any rate we will try the reload.

Thanks again,

The reload is potentially expensive. Use it carefully and only when needed.