Activity Notifications for Group

We are beta testing using NextCloud to help some existing workflows operate more smoothly.

We have a situation where a user needs to share a file (or files) with a group. Someone from the group will then download the file, and so that precludes anyone else from needing to take action themselves and download.

I thought this sort of behavior would be a default ability, but it seems I was incorrect on that.

Is there a way to setup the following scenario?

  • User A shares a file with Group 1. (Group 1 consists of User B and User C.)
  • User B downloads the file to perform her action.
  • User C can either look in the Activity area or view something in the file to see that User B has downloaded the file. (Otherwise, perhaps the file is even unshared or deleted.)

Is there some way to make this workflow possible? Using the “Activities for shared file downloads” app, I can make it such that the owner sees this activity, but it does not show the activity to the group.

Is there a built-in solution to this I am missing or perhaps an app that I am not aware? Thank you in advance for any help!

@CrazyTech: I guess activity app is missing this feature to send mail notification to a group.
However, the notification updates via a groupfolder is working.

I’m too awaiting for this update.