Activity Log / Audit

Hi there,

Activity App is not supported by Nextcloud 11+

  1. Is there an update planned for this App?
  2. What are the workaround(s) to keep an eye on “who did what and when”?

Thanking you in advance for your help.

It is now part of official package: you can find it in your store and install. Actual version is 2.8.2.

@gas85 you are wrong. The functionality of Activity Log has not been incorporated into Activity. Where is the field to choose the timeframe, the user, the action? How on earth do you think otherwise?

Also, please note that Activity Log allows the user to see data from every other user, therefore only admins should be allowed to use this app. Activating the app without restricting it to the grouip admin is a very, very bad idea.

Anyway, the app is dead. So whoever decides to create a new version of it should take this into consideration. The app must only be allowed to be run as an administrator, otherwise the privacy of others is compromised.

Could be.
Seems functions are partly dead. But! You can use “Auditing / Logging” what is again part of official delivery and grep whatever there as admin.