Activity - Filtering and Selection Criteria

Hello Everyone,
What is the selection criteria for the Activity app?
If I am admin I should be able to see everyone’s changes shouldn’t I?

But instead it only shows “some” activities and not all. I checked the oc_activity table and there I can see all records but not when I click the sidebar.

Still using Nextcloud 13.02 - Activity App is up to date (2.6.1).

Each user seems to see a different set of changes.

Any setting I should be checking?

Thank you.

By default only your own activities are shown. If you want to see all kind of server activities you most likely need to install the Activity Log app.

Hello J-Ed,
Thank you for your answer.
What is then the difference between “By You” or “By others”?

I will check Activity Log app in the meantime.

Best Regards

"By you" means all activities which you have initiated with your personal account, “all kind of server activities” means all activities initiated, by you, by others, by server processes, etc., etc.

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Hello J-Ed,
That is my problem. The “By others” is what confuses me.
For example, I have a Synology with a File Share inside added to Nextcloud using External Storage (Smb/Cifs).
I have 2 accounts.
Account a adds a file. Account b adds a file. From account a I can only see the changes I have done with A
regardless if I click “By others”, All Activities etc.


I took a while to understand what you meant with “By others” :wink: From my understanding you will only see activities under this category if you have access to e.g. shared calendars or folders of other people.

:slight_smile: Thank you and sorry I was not clearer…
I used the same name NextCloud calls the menu…

Okay then… I will review Activity Log and see if that app does what I was looking for.

In the meantime thanks again for your help.