Activity emails

Is anyone else having trouble getting activity emails? The server does not show any errors and I can send emails from the command line without any problems.

Any Ideas?

Nextcloud Version: 15.0.6

If you want to let Nextcloud send email, you have to make sure that the email server settings in Nextcloud are correctly set. (Settings>Adminstration>Basic settings). Being able to send email from the command line is not a guaranty that it works from within Nextcloud.

Got that all setup and working fine. Test email work great. Still scratching my head.

Have you checked the activity settings (Settings>Administration>Activities) about which information you want to be informed by email? Are you using an external email server or your own one in your LAN?

Yes, I have checked all of the activities. I’m using an internal email relay. The test emails go through without a problem.

I am using ajax to process the notifications. Should I be using cron?

I personally prefer cron because it is a system component which works reliable and independent from other programs and services. I would definitely give it a try.

Cron seems to work, but my testing will take a day or two of use to make sure. Fingers crossed.

Thanks for the help.

Looks like going with cron worked like a charm. Thanks for the advice.

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